Seeing Red …

Pack your bags and go to Panama. Having recently shortened and revamped one of my novels, Eternal Infinite, I love Tom’s revision breakdown. This should be helpful for anybody wanting to do the same. After my change to the interior of E.I., I’m still in the process of adding an image on the original cover. Making changes to a book is a long process, but well worth the efforts.

The Red Pen is mightier ... The Red Pen is mightier …

In a blog post last year, I said I’d be revisiting my books to produce updated or revised versions. Whether the idea works or doesn’t, I believe it’s all about knowing whether the book is good enough – or not.

In the case of the book I’m highlighting in this post, the story took me four months to write, and eight months to amend by using my method of leaving it aside for alternate months.

It has taken me two weeks of non-stop effort to revise what has been out there for a couple of years.

I posted a request for opinions on the Facebook page of the Indie Author Support and Discussion group. One of my quandaries was whether or not to produce a banner on the cover when I’d completed my revised work. The general feedback was superb, as expected.



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Badass Mommas

I would never claim this on my own. But according to my son I am when he recently wrote, “Here’s to Momma Kesto and all the badass ladies out there. Without my mom, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t know what motivation was or what achievements look like. She’s a woman that lives life to express and always looking for adventure. Something I strive to be. One day, like today, everyone should recognize and support these wonderful ladies. They’ve done more for humankind then I will ever comprehend.
Way to go ladies!”4-Wheel Pam jpd

You’re Not Alone

Look what I received in the mail from Ian D Moore all the way from the U.K. ‘You’re Not Alone!’ Now I’m carefully reading the paper version. I have my bookmark in to mark my reading spot – don’t want to put dog ears on this beautifully printed book. Thanks, Ian! What a great prize for the contest. I love this book!