‘X’ is for Xerotic (a poem


Definition of xerosis

noun, Medicine/Medical.

abnormal dryness, as of the eye or skin.

normal sclerosis of the tissue in an aged person.
Origin of xerosis
Alright, alright, so I changed one word in my poem so I could include an ‘X’ word, which are few and far between. So when you read my poem, know that the Xerotic word means dry. Here’s the poem, we’ll see if it works.


photo by pixgood.com

Xerotic Hopes

by Pam Kesterson

The xerotic hopes,

The desperate longings.

Able to touch my dreams,

But not allowed to embrace them,

Through the bars of a prison.

Caught in punishment to fulfill,

For a crime that I didn’t commit–

Unless it was in ages past.

God’s grace abandoning me,

Like a diseased varment.

My faith voices a different cry.

One of abundant rainfall,

That tomorrow invariably brings the new,

And today will be but a memory that some day is forgotten.


Only the abrasions,

The scar tissue remains to tell the story

of a difficult time.


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