‘Z’ is for Zoo



When I was in grade school my mother, sister and I went to the small zoo in my hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Each of us had a close-up and personal experience with three different animals. One would expect to see various animals at a zoo, but not in the vein I’ll explain.

On this hot summer day, we walked around the zoo in search of specific exhibits. Top on the list was the Spitting Gorilla. It had a reputation of spitting, and we wanted to see this phenomenon. My sister wanted to see the lions, and I liked the domestic animals like the large population of goats and not exotic ones at that.

When we visited the Gorilla area. A huge happy and playful looking, super hairy and humanlike character with long arms, urged the three of us to watch him play in his hanging tire swing. We got pulled into his scam and didn’t notice him reach down to the cupped area of the tire that held rainwater, and with his lips, he sucked up a hefty amount of water.

Funny Gorilla hd Wallpapers 2013_2


So when he came over to the bars, separated by some other iron bars, It was evident he had eyes for my mother only. With a mischievous smile in a mouth full of water, he spits all over her white blouse that clung to her bra appearing like she only wore the bra.

Lion Peeing

Next, we reluctantly went to the lions where the King of the Jungle marked my sister as his own. He lured her over close to the trench that separated the iron bars. She felt special, as she should, and singled out. Then when she was expecting it, he butt his butt as close to the bars as possible and peed all over her. He didn’t even lift his leg like a dog.

I was the lucky one that day, because when we went over to the goats, I was the only dry one of the trio. Plus, the Zoo Keeper scratched the head of a new young goat named George. I fell in love with George, and the Zoom Keeper told me someone donated him to the goat herd, but he was already castrated, so couldn’t help grow the herd. I understood this problem, growing up on a farm. Since George liked me so much he asked me if I wanted to take him home.


So that day at the zoo, my mother and sister left drenched and smelling disgusting. I left dry, but with a new pet goat, so I probably stunk too, at least a little.

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