About the Author


Pam Kesterson lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of 35 years.

She has been rearranging syntax since age 16 when her first poem published. Pam is the author of the Infinīte Series, a collection of three books in the series. The third book, ‘She Who Watches Eternity’ is scheduled to publish in 2017. Pam’s shorter works include the Science Fiction Anthology, ‘The Welcome, and other Sci-Fi Stories’ (Published in 2016) by Tom Benson and other authors.

When she’s not writing fiction or poetry, she’s working or can be found doing a variety of activities from yoga to distance running. Pam’s all time favorite things in life are scuba diving while pretending she’s flying in another world or enjoying a nice glass of wine with family and friends.

Pam has a passion for healthy gourmet cooking with a love of strong coffee and super hot foods. She also enters spicy food contests whenever she has a chance.