‘J’ is for Jam

J (1)


Merriam-Webster Definition
Definition of jam1. A food made by boiling fruit and sugar to a thick consistency
Origin of jam
First Known Use: circa 1736

When I think of jam, I smell the tangy mixture of endless possibilities. A recipe, weather its jam or cookies, is the creators own expression. Jam can be simple with the basics, sweet fruit, and pectin, or mixed with spices and sweeteners and packaged in a decorative jar with a ribbon.

Just like jam, a story can have as many aspects as the creator wants.

Jammed in door
Jammed in doorAnother Definition of JamVERB (jams, jamming, jammed)1[WITH OBJECT AND ADVERBIAL] Squeeze or pack tightly into a specified space: four of us were jammed in one compartment people jammed their belongings into cars[NO OBJECT, WITH ADVERBIAL]: mom, dad, and I jammed into the pickup truck
2Become or make unable to move or work due to a part seizing up or becoming stuck:[NO OBJECT]: the photocopier jammed[WITH OBJECT]: the doors were jammed open.

Jammed also implies your forced into place like the puppies in the above picture, and then stuck. Again in writing, this word can mean something good, or could express frustration with a negative effect.

Though, if something is jam packed full, it’s concentrated. This concept is perfect for a short story or poem, where many thoughts present themselves.



Yet Another Definition of Jam

Jamming: Informal Improvise with other musicians, especially in jazz or blues.

Jamming is the word used when musicians or artists get together to practice in a creative way, bouncing ideas off one another to further perfect their entertainment. This use of the word shows that, even if a person sings or plays an instrument by themselves, it’s nice to interact with others.

Writers too can interact and jam, so to speak, with other authors. They can coauthor books together. They can write an anthology jammed full of stories in the same genre or focus. In an anthology, each author can have equal space, or the main author’s name can appear first and he or she can take more space, or organize the collection however they feel lead.This kind of jamming rewards everyone involved, all while creating a comradery.

Not only is the word jam a fun word to us for stuck, and many other phrases like, ” jamming on the brakes,” or “I’m in a jam,” but it also rhymes with so man words. It’s the kind of word that makes you smile, at least, it does me. Maybe it’s because finding toe jam in my toes makes me giggle.

One thought on “‘J’ is for Jam

  1. I like jam … and I like where you took this one. It was also a good length for a challenge post – not too long and, not too short.
    Nicely done – again. 🙂


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