‘U’ is for Understanding Sharon

Sometimes poetry is the only way to deal with a loss. Yesterday I lost a dear friend that had fought cancer and other complications for over three years.U

Understanding Sharon

Urgent in need, yet never demanding, even under the pressure against time, the stopwatch and crime of death. Under the whimsical promise of hope.

United in an understanding of the urgency, family and friends surrounded her to make known in gratefulness her giving heart. Though many unspoken words lingered, as we gazed like mutes into the depth of her spirit and portrayed our love. She understood as I, as we, ushered her into a different realm of peace from turbulence. With tears, I’ll express the ‘us’ in our friendship. I’ll lift her up as a sacrifice to a hungry God that wants her more than the pull of gravity here on this earth. Rendered helpless without enough power to stop the sting of death.


Her ashes to flow on the bay of understanding for others who seek to understand the gentle, unselfish love of Sharon.

Good morning Sharon. How are you doing today on the other side?

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