‘S’ is for Sales (a Poem)


As much as I’ve tried to remove myself from ‘sales,’ getting your work out there is all about sales. That is, if we write for others to see and try to promote our work. Today’s word is ‘S,’ so I’m including a poem I wrote on SALES. 


by Pam Kesterson

I’ve been in SALES for some time now,

Inside and outside, but still somehow,

It’s SALES elusions I recall-

I really don’t know SALES-at all.

Some SALES are simple,

Samples left behind.

The Merchant thinks you’re being kind.

A soft SALE now-

Though expected later-

Like a hunger alligator.

This kind of SALES in quite bizarre,

The Salesperson gets a company car.

Climbing Sales

The “absolute one time close,”

Has much smooth talking,

And is best left for pro’s.

It convinces the shoppers

That searched the rows;

Buy this today,

And don’t buy those.

Numbers/Sony Disk

Rejection is a way of life-

That is in SALES-not Man and Wife.

‘A numbers game,’ I often say,

Then, ‘Lets break the odds,’

to God I pray.

The fearful quota,

Which is known in SALES,

Makes the salesman strong as nails.

Saleswomen too-not only males,

For without a quota

Success often fails.

The thrill of the SALE will come, I know.

And like an arrow in a bow-

The target hit for all to see.

But did it happen easily?

No-instead, consistently.

elephants hide

elephant’s hide

In SALES, an elephant’s hide is mandatory.

If not, our skin will turn quite gory.

It’s been said of me, ‘I am thick skinned.’

My persona, right there is pinned.

If you’re not in SALES

You may discover,

The gold of a promise

That you’ll never uncover.



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